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Creating Leaders: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model

The sole objective of our ontological/ phenomenological model for creating leaders is to leave students actually being leaders and exercising leadership effectively as their natural self-expression.

Putting Integrity Into Finance: A Purely Positive* Approach

In this working paper Werner Erhard and Michael Jensen summarize a new theory of integrity that reveals integrity as a purely positive phenomenon. To stop slider and watch video, click play and then hover the mouse cursor over read more button, or locate video below the article.

Within everyone there is a natural latent leadership ability

Werner Erhard


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New Paradigm of Performance

This new paradigm is based on the fundamental proposition that the performance of an individual, group or organization is a correlate of the way the world in which, and on which, that entity

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The Leadership Course

The course is a leadership laboratory where instructors work with the participants to create direct access to the ways of being, thinking, planning, and action required to be a leader and to

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Werner Erhard on Authenticity

Authenticity is being and acting consistently with who you hold yourself out to be for others, and who you hold yourself to be for yourself. Do we have actionable access to authenticity?

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Creation: A Matter of Distinction

You and I want our lives to matter. We want our lives to make a real difference ― to be of genuine consequence in the world. We know that there is no satisfaction in merely going through the

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The Heart of the Matter

More than forty years ago Werner Erhard introduced the breakthrough notion of transformation and the est Training to the American public. This notion of transformation created a clear

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Taking A Stand For The Future ― Part I

by Werner Erhard | San Francisco, 1983

Taking A Stand For The Future ― Part II

by Werner Erhard | San Francisco, 1983