Werner Erhard is the creator of transformational models and applications for individual, organizational and social transformation. His innovative ideas have stimulated academic conversations at many Universities, most recently in the areas of integrity, leadership, and performance. Here below are few examples of his current and earlier work.

Until what is significant is created by you, you aren’t living your life, you are living some inherited life.

Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard on Heidegger

Werner Erhard explains the philosophical or metaphysical basis of transformation. Drawing upon the Heideggerian notion of thinking and Nietzsche and Zen, Erhard states that listening for information and

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Happiness is almost not worth talking about because the instant you turn happiness into a goal it isn’t attainable any more. In other words, happiness isn’t something you can work towards.

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The Three Laws of Performance

Although most of us aren’t aware of it, we have a future that’s already been written. Our future is written by hopes, fears, dreams, expectations, and decisions made about life.

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