Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership

An Ontological/Phenomenological Model

The course Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership: An Ontological/ Phenomenological Model is a leadership laboratory using a new model of leadership. The method utilized in this course provides participants with the opportunity to master: 1) being a leader, and 2) the effective exercise of leadership, as these are actually lived and personally experienced “on the court”. The content of this course is not presented merely as ideas to be understood and mastered. Rather, students work to

master certain powerful contexts that shape and color the way in which the circumstances one confronts in leadership situations occur or show up, and how one occurs for oneself in such situations. When mastered, these contexts for leader and leadership result in the circumstances of any leadership situation, and oneself in such situations, occurring or showing up so that one’s naturally correlated way of being and acting is that of being a leader and exercising leadership effectively.

The Occuring

In this video Werner Erhard articulates what it takes to have your leadership match your natural self-expression in any situation and any circumstances. He goes on to say that in order for you to be a leader and to exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter what the circumstances, you must first understand how the situation you are dealing with occurs for you. In a Q & A session, Werner answers some questions where we get our being and action now, and how do we lead others in our vision? Finally he shares with us his view of the future.

Integrity: A New Model

In this video the Being a Leader course instructors present a positive model of integrity that, as they distinguish and define integrity, provides powerful access to increased performance for individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. Their model reveals the causal link between integrity and increased performance, quality of life, and value-creation for all entities, and provides access to that causal link. Integrity is thus a factor of production as important as knowledge and technology, yet its major role in productivity and performance has been largely hidden or unnoticed, or even ignored by economists and others.

What is leadership?

In this video we explore the question of “What is leadership?” looking at it from a Ontological \Phenomenological model. While ontology as a general subject is concerned with the being of anything, here we are concerned with the ontology of human beings (the nature and function of being for human beings). Specifically we are concerned with the ontology of leader and leadership (the nature and function of being for a leader and the actions of effective leadership). Who one is being when being a leader shapes one’s perceptions, emotions, creative imagination, thinking, planning, and consequently one’s actions in the exercise of leadership.

Being A Leader Webinar

Being A Leader course instructors, Kari Granger and Jeri Echeverria, explore the four foundational elements of great leadership: integrity, authenticity, being cause in the matter, and being given by something bigger than oneself.  Discover what it really looks like to BE a leader in all of life as your natural expression, distinct from learning more leadership techniques, practices and habits. Kari and Jeri discuss this new approach to leadership and how these four elements can create the foundation for a great life.

Meet the Authors and Instructors of the Being A Leader Course

The Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership: An Ontological/Phenomenological Model course is an accumulation of the 10+ years of work of authors/instructors Werner Erhard, Michael C. Jensen, Steve Zaffron, Kari L. Granger, and Jeri Echeverria and their new approach to leadership.

Werner Erhard, Independent

Werner is an original thinker whose ideas have transformed the effectiveness and quality of life for millions of people and thousands of organizations. While best known by the general public for the est Training and the Forum, his work over the last 20 years has been primarily in the academic world. Werner’s work has been the source of new perspectives for thinkers and practitioners in fields as diverse as business, education, philosophy,  medicine, psychotherapy, developing and emerging countries, conflict resolution, and community building.  Some of his recent research, writings, lectures, and courses can be found on his Author Page in the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN).

Michael C. Jensen, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration Emeritus, Harvard Business School

One of the most highly quoted economists, Michael is the Co-Founder of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the Fellow and Past President of the American Finance Association and Past President of the Western Economics Association International. Professor Jensen is the author of more than 100 scientific papers, in addition to numerous articles, comments, and editorials published in the popular media on a wide range of economic, finance and business-related topics. Most of his papers are downloadable from his SSRN Author Page.

Steve Zaffron, CEO of Vanto Group

Steve, co-author of the bestselling management book The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting The Future Of Organizations And Your Life, is CEO of Vanto Group, (Landmark Worldwide’s consulting arm) which has consulted for Apple, NASA, Mercedes Benz, Reebok, an agency within the Singaporean government, and many others. Steve was previously the head of R&D for Landmark Worldwide, and has been involved in the delivery and development of this ontological work for over 35 years. In The Three Laws of Performance (co-authored with David Logan), Steve articulates a new theory about what underlies breakthrough performance.

Kari L. Granger, Performance Leadership Expert

Kari Granger is a recognized performance leadership expert, consultant and coach.  She is a Fellow of the Center for Character and Leadership Development at United States Air Force Academy where she formerly held the positions of Assistant Professor and Chief of Transformative Education and Development.  Granger is respected for her cutting-edge, results-focused, leadership development and resiliency enhancement programs that empower leaders to significantly impact their most complex challenges. View articles written by Kari L. Granger.

Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model - Jeri Echeverria

Jeri Echeverria, former Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, California State University system, and Provost Emeritus at California State University, Fresno.

Jeri is also Professor of History Emeritus, and the author of several acclaimed American history textbooks. Dr. Echeverria has spent the better part of the past four decades in education – both as a professor and in administrative positions, and has found that offering the Leadership Course has been one of the highlights of her teaching experience. View articles written by Jeri Echeverria.

The Promise of the course: “You will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter what the circumstances.”

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