Conversations with R. Buckminster Fuller, 1976-1977.

Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard were introduced by Bucky’s grandson, Jaime Snyder, who had taken The est Training and felt that a relationship between the two would nurture both. That is what has happened.

Werner Erhard asked Bucky to share himself with a group of est graduates and friends in September 1976, and the result was “Conversations with Buckminster Fuller,” sponsored by The Werner Erhard (est) Foundation at Town Hall in New York, where Werner Erhard and Jaime were on stage with Bucky Fuller for a day.

Bucky accepted Werner Erhard’s invitation to engage in another day of “Conversations” with him and Jaime in San Francisco and then in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

‘Individual’ man’s highest potential may be realized in terms of full interaction of all men’s potential … individual man may at his own will and discretion be at any one moment either a ‘standby’ or an ‘active’ function of Universe.

— Buckminster Fuller: No More Second Hand God, 1962