Two-time Emmy winner Robyn Symon offer viewers a rare insider view into the life and ideas of Werner Erhard in her compelling film, Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard.

In exclusive interviews, Erhard speaks candidly about the early days of est and the ideas that underpin his work.

Insightful and rare footage allows you to step inside the est Training, and hear provocative interviews with academics, celebrities and family members.

Experts speak of the world-wide phenomenon that Erhard initiated with his thought provoking and inventive approach to “transformation”.

The documentary digs deep into the hard questions of Erhard’s programs and ground-breaking work.

Viewers will learn how Erhard’s ideas have permeated the very fabric of society – in our day-to-day language, advertising campaigns and in personal growth, development and leadership seminars around the world.

Howard Schumann
Howard Schumann CineScene
Werner did not write books or go out on the lecture circuit to great applause from true believers and functioned in an atmosphere of non-agreement and non-acceptance. His genius did not lie in any concepts or ideas but in the enormous contribution his programs made to people’s lives (including my own). Although the training, now The Landmark Forum, in recent years has moved away from the fringes and closer to the mainstream, Werner’s programs, in my view, are still extremely valuable tools to deepen our self-awareness and Symon’s film Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard is a fitting beginning to the acknowledgment of his true greatness.