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Creating Leaders: A New Model ― Ten Years On

Werner Erhard and Michael C. Jensen at Simon Business School, Sands Leadership Lecture Series. An abstract of the working paper titled, Creating Leaders: An Ontological Model is available at Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge website.

If there ever was a time for a new model of leadership, that time is now. The Leadership Course created by Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen, Steve Zaffron and Kari Granger will acquaint you with a new approach of leadership.

In their talk, ‘Creating Leaders: A New Model – Ten Years On’ for the Sands Leadership Lecture Series at the University of Rochester Simon Business School professor Michael Jensen and Werner Erhard engage in a conversation that explores access to being a leader and to the effective exercise of leadership as one’s natural self-expression.

Why We Do What We Do: A New Model Providing Actionable Access to the Source of Performance.

Werner Erhard discussing A New Paradigm of Performance at Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership.

Werner Erhard on Authenticity

“The beginning of all authenticity is to be authentic about your inauthenticity.”

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